illustration blog :

Second half of the semester:

  1. HOW TO DRAW HANDS:–cms-21440
  2. Skull drawn in illustrator:
  3. How to use the mesh tool in illustrator:
  4.  Ten design tips:
  5. Illustrator Artist:
  6. Tips for creating a poster:
  7. Amazing illustrators:

First half of the semester:

  1. – Very cool character design website
  2. – Character Design tips!
  3.  Basic template for character designing!Screenshot (293).png
  4.–vector-5828 – Five talented vector artists and their favorite illustrator tools
  5. – Learn the basics! (Illustrator)
  6. – 100 amanzing adobe illustrator tutorials!!!
  7. – Christopher Lee! Amazing graphic designer!


Animation and Imaging blog:





This app has helped me  a lot with proportions and poses that I could never imagine drawing on my own. My art has improved tenfold because of it. Made by Unity, any artist, animator, character designer, and their dog can benefit from this app. Definitely worth the 8 dollars.



Paint Tool Sai!!

Drawing software for about 60 bucks. You can use this to draw your frames for animation before plopping them into flash. Which is what I used to do.


Kubo, ClayMation, BEHIND THE SCENES.

Some fighting animations. (Some very helpful references.)


One of my favorite David Hockney Paintings. This painting shows examples of high contrast, compliments and some cubism.

Modern example of cubism.


Minimalist Cubism



Christopher Manning

Sculptor, photographer, and many other things.

Moana! New animated Disney Movie


CLIP STUDIO PAINT. Drawing software that offers animation. Current price is 200 dollars, on black friday it can be as low as 65.

WATCH ANIME ON CRUNCHYROLL. crunchyroll is a wonderful place to watch some animation. You can learn a lot with a little paying attention.

Frame by Frame Tutorial!

How to animate a head turn!




The Future of 2D Animation.


If you’re going into animation, or want to learn more about it, this is the book for you.

I’ve always been fond of hypercritical paintings of water+people. Here are some I snatched off of google.

Screenshot (6).png

This is probably my next favorite type of hyper realism. Paintings of food.

Sculptures can be Cubist too!!!

Portraits + Cubism

Stop Motion Graphic


Hyper Realistic drawing of a glass of water!! very interesting.

TUTODRAW on youtube. They have a buttload of drawing videos, lots of hyper realism.


Lots of people have issues with coloring in eyes, so heres a hyper realistic drawing of one!